What We Do

AirGarage is a real estate company building the first API for physical space starting with parking lots. 37% of land use in downtown urban areas is dedicated to parking.

Organizations of every kind (churches, hotels, and businesses) use our software to passively earn extra income by renting out their unused space.

As a full-stack parking operator, we remove barriers to sell parking so anyone with an underutilized lot can get started. We deliver a suite of tools needed to manage user acquisition, payment processing, and enforcement.

We're unlocking additional parking spaces in dense urban cities. At the same time, we're creating found revenue for lot owners.

Looking beyond parking, our vision is to transform single-use spaces into multi-use centers for cloud kitchens, micro-mobility, and electric vehicle charging.

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Who We Are

Our Mission

To make transportation easier and bring communities together.

Our Story

AirGarage was founded in 2017 to relieve the burden of university campus parking. We started with a simple spreadsheet connecting nearby homeowners and students looking for parking. Since then, we've facilitated over 50,000 rentals.

Portrait of Co-founder Jonathon Barkl
Jonathon Barkl

Jonathon is a published researcher in nanomaterials and energy production for NASA. Prior to that, he consulted with small businesses to develop expansion strategies and maximize sales and revenue.

Portrait of Co-founder Scott Fitsimones
Scott Fitsimones

Scott worked on the MySQL team at Facebook, building infrastructure for the world’s largest MySQL database deployment. Previously, he built data monitoring software for the Nuclear Research Center CERN in Geneva.

Portrait of Co-founder Chelsea Border
Chelsea Border

Chelsea is a software engineer and data analyst. She previously built automation and analytic software for executive leadership at Charles Schwab in Austin and consulting firms in Chicago.